About Salvage

Salvage, pronounced Sal-Vage, is one of North America’s oldest continually settled communities.   The name Salvage comes from the Spanish word “Salvaje”, which means “savage.”  It is thought that the first Spanish explorers came to the area of the present-day town and found it was already occupied by the Beothuks, the native North American group that was dispersed throughout Newfoundland.

Even today, Salvage remains one of Newfoundland’s most productive fishing communities.  Protected by tall cliffs and having access through a narrow pass to the open ocean, it provides relatively easy access to the fertile fishing grounds of the North Atlantic.  From early spring to late fall, the residents of Salvage participate in the seasonal fisheries of Herring, Lobster, Crab, Mackerel, and Caplin. At any time throughout the summer in Salvage, a meal with the freshest seafood is never difficult to find.

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